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Watermelon Theme
 "To everything there is a season"... but, once again, time got there faster than I got things done.  So.... for the moment, what you see
on this page is all you'll find in stock in this Dept.

Watermelon slices, twine
Just fun little decorations to hang around.  Wood chunks are 1/2" thick and measure ~6" to 6.5" x 3" high.  (Sizes vary---every piece is a little bit different.)  Add the green twine hanger, and total length is about 9 1/2".  Shipping wt. = <4 oz.
Order WM slice/T
Each $6.95 + S/H

Temporarily out of stock
Okay, so these aren't a sign...but they sure do go along with having a Watermelon theme picnic or party!  Comes in a set of 4, tied with green garden twine.  Limited availability!
Order WMNR-4
Shipping wt = <4 oz.
$10 + S/H
WM napkin ring sets.  Design copyrighted by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.
And this isn't a sign either but you might've missed it because "that's not what you were  interested in", so I stuck it in here, too, just in case...
Handpainted wood bracelet - Watermelon design

Fun, funky and fun to make up--this one is a "staple" in my repertoire.  Watermelon bracelets need no "explaining."

Interested? Click on the picture to take you to the watermelon bracelets.
Crow with Watermelon-handpainted sign by artist Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  ŠAll rights reserved.
A fun sign done on recycled 1/4" wood measures 6" high by 16" long.  I've added an ample twine hanger that brings it to a 14-1/2" hanging height - plenty for you to shorten, if you'd like!  I've "enhanced" the already aged look with sanding, after satin varnish was applied.  Signed on front.  Back painted flat black, with my label also applied.  Allow 1# shipping wt.
Order as Crow WM Welcome #1.
$28.50 +S/H

Small 2-piece watermelon sign handcut and handpainted recycled wood, by artist Janice Austin.  Copyrigh.  Alla rights reserved..
Allow 2# shipping wt.
Order as:2-piece WM sign-red ltrg
$29.95 + S/H

I put this and the following similar one by each other so you can make comparisons, if this is a style you're liking.  Photos were taken in the same location, same day.  The weathered old board measures about 15-5/8" long x 3-1/2".  It's lettered in dark red with buttermilk outlining.  Flat finish.  Edges sanded a bit to enhance the look.  Watermelon slice measures about 9-7/8" across by 7" x 1/4".  Surface e has some nice surface irregularities, stains bleeding through, and one big knot.  I had a lot of fun putting this together.  I found some old rusted electrician's staples and used them to wire together the top and bottom parts.  I put some purposeful bends in the top wire hanger, stapled it on, too, and put some tight curlicues in the ends, for kind of a quirky decorative touch.  I left everything with a matte finish, so a person can see it's weathered wood for sure!!!  Slice portion is signed.  Back has my label applied.