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Ordering & Shipping

HandR+grn ***I regret to announce that, due to life circumstances, I am no longer able to ship internationally.  I am sorry to disappoint any far-flung potential customers.  I warmly thank you for your interest.

Cool You no longer have to have a PayPal account in order to use PayPal for purchasing on-line.   
PayPal has become the most trusted on-line processor of credit cards.

If you're not familiar with how PayPal works, they will walk you through it, so go ahead and click on the button!  They have the most secure system in Internet commerce and they handle all the transaction information on THEIR servers.
I accept all the credit card types that PayPal offers.    
Logo-charge cards, e-checks

I now accept echeck payments.  Please remember that your orders will NOT be shipped until your check has cleared.

Please double-check that you have entered a current, working e-mail address! I sometimes need to confirm information with you.  If you are ordering from your workplace and using that email as your "address", due to SPAM paranoia, you may need to doublecheck that you can receive messages bearing From: "Customerservice"---If I can't get ahold of you, I will NOT ship your order!!!

I will NOT ship UPS for PayPal orders.

No shipments will be made until PayPal has cleared all details of your transaction.  Remember that they consider weekends and holidays "non-business days."

I try my best to get your order out within 2 days (usually same or next day).  I keep you informed by email!

I ship Mon-Fri.

Remember, all sales are final with the exception of anything that was destroyed in the mail (insurance proof required).  [See the "why of it" in my FAQ's page.]

You will notice 2 different kinds of PayPal buttons
If it says "Add to cart", these items will be added together at checkout and then all the shipping and handling charges will be added on to give you your order's total.  
If it says "Buy now", this indicates different or additional charges for postage and handling and insurance, if applicable, are applied to that item.  It is set up to be a "single item sale" but can also be combined with more things, if you are ordering more.  You are able to view the charges relating to this particular item when you get to checkout.  I have usually indicated what these extra charges are in the item's description, too.

PayPal requires shipping costs to be calculated by their set criteria
based on order total amounts rather than actual shipping weights.  

Order Total
Shipping Cost*
These charges will apply to most items (NOT including insurance, which is additional) .

*Final pkg. wts are unpredictable, and Priority (other than Flat Rate, where the boxes seeming to have mysteriously shrunk in choices and  sizes.  Hmmmm... ) still calculates by shipping zone from me in WA. Any over-charges will be refunded to you via PayPal as soon as your order is tracked as delivered.
Up to $14.99
$200 and over