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Old fashioned hand points L blk & wh  Links to all the products pages are found along left of every page!   All designs copyright by artist Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.

Old-time Bath Signs
 Nostalgic signs for bed & bath 
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Handpainted recycled wood sign-Moustache Wax 75¢.  Midnight blue bkgd, off white lettering, red accents.  Copyright Austin Originals 2006.  All rights reserved.
This would fit well with a primitif decor.  It features deep midnite blue background with off-white whimsical antique-looking lettering and stars and bright red border and numerals.  Measures ¼" deep by ~13" long by 3¾" high.  Bent wire hanger brings overall hanging height to 10¼".  Nice satin finish.  Edges randomly sanded for the used-and-abused look.  Signed on front.  Back painted flat black. Allow 1# shipping wt.
Sign-Moustache Wax-Blue,red,wh
$18.95+ S/H
Here's a different shape and a different take on the Shave and a Haircut 6 bits theme.  Sign measures 3½"  x  15¼" on ¾" wood.  Bent wire hanger gives wall hanging length of ~11  ".  Matte finish.  Sanded edges and scuffed for antiqued look.  Back side unpainted, rough, only lightly sanded.  Has my label applied.
Order as Sign-Shave & Haircut (long)
$19.95 + S/H
Handpainted faux Vintage sign done on recycled wood reads No Undergarments in the tub.  (below) The Management.   Copyright Austin Originals 2006.  All rights reserved.   This is for all the yahoos out there...  Olde English lettering proclaims "No Undergarments in the tub", and  (below) The Management.  I've left the natural wood to show through underneath and it has some nice knots to go along with the use-what-you-have-available practicality of Past Times.  Edges are painted black.  Has been randomly sanded to enhance the vintage look.  Sign measures ¼" thick by 14½" long by 2-5/8" deep.  Bent wire hanger brings overall hanging height to 8-3/8".  Back is painted black.  My label applied on back.  
Order as: Sign-No Undergarments...
$18.50 + S/H

Here's a fun BIG sign for those of you who take your Western theme decoratingSatNiteSpecial-lg,double lines lower right.JPG  Design ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved. seriously!  This is a heavy sign (ship. wt. 2#) since it measures16½"x 5½" x ¾" thick.  The signboard is pretty smooth but is beginning to split at one end and has a couple knots and surface defects.  So I added to the "vintage look" by sanding it pretty heavily on the front and ends.  You can picture someone way back when pulling it out of the lumber pile fpr a quick "make-do" sign--and here it still is today!  Here's hoping it'll be hanging around a lot longer, too!   How 'bout making that at your digs? Wire hanger brings it to 10" overall hanging length.  Edges are painted black.  Matte finish.  Click on image to see enlargment
Order as Sat. Nite Special $1 (lg grn 5 sm stars, double underlines)
$24.95 + S/H
 Hot Bath sign-Red,wh,blue3 stars.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Here's a bright, fresh looking "antique" sign done in off-white, red, and midnight blue.  It has an interesting surface (completely smooth areas alternating with others with knots and other imperfections).  With the satin glaze added, it makes the wood grain visible.  Because it was so over-all fresh in appearance, I decided to give it very minimal scuffing up, as if someone had treated it with some respect in its years of service.  Sign measures 7¾" high x 10" wide x 3/8" thick.  Hanging length ~ 14¾".
Order as Hot Bath sign-Red,wh,blue 3 stars
$18.95 + S/H
Hot Bath sign-Blue,slate+Wh ltrg,red star.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Here's another one that looked too well cared for to want to rough it up much.  Midnight blue background, Hot Bath in buttermilk with slate outlining, other lettering in slate blue, price in off-white.  Edges are painted slate blue.  Satin finish.  Overall hanging length ~13½".    Sign measures 7-3/8" high x 10" wide x 3/8" thick.  Hanging length ~ 14¾".  

Order as Hot Bath sign-Blue,slate+Wh ltrg,red star
$18.95 + S/H
Handpainted sign on recycled wood- HotBath, Green with ochre lettering, 5 stars. Artwork and design ©Austin Originals.  all rights reserved.

Fresh and cheery, this one all but invites you into the tub!  Vintage green with ochre and buttermilk lettering and stars, outlined in Napa Red.  Heavily sanded on edges and scuffed here and there on face of sign for that banged-around aged look.  Matte finish.  Sign measures 9" wide x 7" high by ½" thick.  Bent wire hanger brings overall length to ~14".

Order as Hot Bath-Grn, Ochre Ltrg, 5 stars
$18.95 + S/H
Small handpainted bathroom wall sign on recycled wood, © by artist Janice Austin DBA Austin  Originals. All rights reserved.  HotBath-Grn,red ltrg, tole.JPG
Another small sign on recycled wood.  Background in vintage green.  Hot Bath lettered in Napa Red outlined in ochre.  Other lettering in ochre.  Stars for accents.  Finished with tole decoration along bottom border.    Edges painted black.  Matte finish.  Randomly sanded for authentic antique look.  Sign measures 9" wide x 7" high by ½" thick.  Bent wire hanger brings overall length to ~15".

Order as Hot Bath-Grn, Red OL Ltrg, tole btm bdr
$18.95 + S/H
Hot  bath #2, sm square-mauve  ©Austin Originals.  All reights reserved.Tole detailing enhances this hand cut 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" pine sign done in mauve, blues and ivory.  Satin picot ribbon hanger.  Slate blue edges.  Painted back with label.  Wt. = 7 oz.
Order Bath-M#02
$8.95 + S/H

HotBath50Soap5Towel 10(mauve).jpg  Design ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Nice clean looking sign in mauve with heavily sanded slate blue edges, slate lettering with antique white outlining and accents.  Measures 8" wide by 5½" high x ½" thick pine.  Surface has some knots and other marks.  Satin finish.  Hangs by soft cotton rope.  
Order as Hot Bath-M#4
$16.50 + S/H

9 inch Bathroom sign - watermelon wedge.  © Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Click on image to see enlargment
Attention Watermelon collectors---here's one you thought you'd never see!  Greet your visitors to the bathroom with this bright and cheery 9 x 3¾ x 1/3" stylized watermelon slice.  The striped rind follows around the edge and the white of the rind is in a groove.  Unique!
Order as Bathroom sign-WM slice
$14.95 + S/H

Hand painted Bathroom plaque- WC pansies on textured Ivory.   ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Click on image to see enlargment
Here is a very distinctive door sign for someone looking for something dainty but "different."  These are watercolor pansies handpainted and additionally detailed with a quill pen.  The background is a textured mottled ivory color which gives a slightly antique look.  Grooved edges of the plaque are done in light blue.  A darker shade of the same blue is used for the lettering.  Plaque measures 5 x 7".

Order as Bathroom plq-WC pansies, Fr cnrs, ivory/blue
$21.95 + S/H

Handpainted bathroom plaque-Bathroom-Wild Roses on Ivory background, French corners, light mauve borders.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Click on image to see enlargement
If you're like me, I just love wild roses, so what could be a prettier place to have an excuse to decorate with them but on your bathroom door?!   Grooved plaque measures 5 x 7 and features masses of wild roses against a light ivory background, with light mauve edging.

Order as Bathroom plq-Wild roses, Fr cnrs, ivory/mauve
$21.95 + S/H

Bath Time (3 pigs) sign.jpg  Handpainted sign created by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  Copyrighted artwork; all rights reserved.A fun sign for pig lovers (and others).  This is done on a nice, clear 1/4" thick piece of recycled plywood.  It measures 11-3/4 x 5-1/4" wide.  Twine hanger brings it to 12" hanging length. The happy pigs are variations of pink.  They're climbing on an ivory fence or crate.  You'll have to look closely to see the blue dotted border on this web image.  Sides are painted slate blue.  Soft satin finish.  Back is painted and my label applied.  Lightweight.
Order as Sign-Bath Time (3 pigs).  $26.50+ S/H     

RestRooms-hand pts L.jpg  ©Austin Originals.  Handpainted.Just a little fun ancient looking sign with old fashioned pointing hand directing you to the Rest Rooms towards the left.  Done on a weathered piece of 1/4" wood measuring about  3½" high by 10" long.  I've pre-drilled it so it can easily be mounted with small screws or brads, your choice.  Satin finish.  Rough back is painted black.
Order as Rest Rooms-hand points L                                                                                                                                 $13.95 + S/H
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