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Kitchen Signs
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Fun signs for the kitchen 
Here we've got hens, chicks and roosters, bakery, pies, popcorn, some House Specials, veggies signs of all manner and even a couple of really nice Establishment signs ... and more.   The pigs are temporarily out of stock on this page, but check out the Bed & Breakfast signs.   Have you seen the Flying Pigs in the Bracelets page???  Be sure to also check out what's in Other Fun Signs
Here chick, chick, chick!  (More chickens theme in Other Fun Signs)
A real shabby chick sign such as might have been hung on a nail by the farmer's door.  Painted on a whitewashed weathered scrap board measuring 10-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 3/4". Eggs It reads EGGS 3Ë.  "Cheaper by the dozen"  25Ë/doz.  Colors are ivory, barn red and mustard.  Sides painted barn red.  I've further sanded it to accentuate the shabby chic look.  Long twine hanger brings hanging length to about 12".  Back is painted flat black, has my label applied.
Order as Sign - Eggs, cheaper by dozen
$11.95 + S/H
Nice Faux antique shop sign looks like it really was a shop sign!  One of a kind sign hand painted on clear cedar.  Rich, mellow warm color to the wood.  Lettering in midnite blue (not black as it appears on screen) and rust with hardwood frame trim painted also in rust.  Gloss finish.  Measures 6" x 13-3/8" wide.  Hangs by screw eyes and wire.  Weighs 13+ oz.  The Speckled Hen Eatery sign.  One of a kind handpainted on cedar.  Gloss finish.  Colors are midnite blue, rust, ivory and black and white speckled hen.  Signed Austin Originals on front.  Copyrighted art and design; all rights reserved.
 Allow 2# shipping wt.

Order as:   Sign - The Speckled Hen Eatery
$32.50 + S/H

Another really nice and fun faux antique one-of-a-kind sign.  Hand painted on mellow, rich warm cedar, measuring 5 7/8" high by 15 1/2" wide.  Lettering is in rust, ochre and dark teal.  Teal hardwood trim added for framed effect. Gloss finish.  Hangs by screw eyes and wire.  Weighs 14+ oz.
Allow 2# shipping wt.
Order as:  Sign - The Banty Hen Tea Room
$32.50 + S/H
Banty Hen Tea Room.jpg  A one-of-a-kind handpainted sign. Artwork and design copyrighted by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
There are more Chick themes in Other Fun Signs!
Eggs 15c a dozen.jpg  Design ©Austin Originals 2005.
Order as Sign-Eggs 15Ë a dozen (plain).
$16.95 + S/H

This little sign is truly shabby chic!  Plain and simple, it's painted on a nicely aged piece of wood that has some nice, rough vertical striations that give it lots of character.  Colors are light ochre and mustard.  Outer edges are in mustard.  Back is unfinished, with my label applied.  Measures 8-3/8" x 6-3/4" x  3/8".  Long twine hanger brings it to 15-1/2" hanging length.  *Also comes with a length of soft black wire, in case you'd rather have a wire hanger.  Satin finish.  Edges have been further sanded for that shabby chic used-and-abused look.  Back is unpainted.  My label applied.

In the Pantry.... 

Bakery-Everything fresh todayR07.jpg  Artwork and design ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Click on image to see enlargement

 This is done on a checkered, rough surfaced piece of 1/2" recycled wood.  I thought the texture happily enhanced the aged look I got when I lettered over it.  I used colors popular in the earlier part of the 1900's:  rust edges and 2 shades of Ochre lettering, with slate blue to off-set the loaves, rolls and other baked treats.  I put the very lightest of satin varnish finish on it and sanded this to mute it, after sanding off even more on the edges than this scan shows.   Measures 7-5/8" x 9-3/8".  It hangs by screw eyes and short chain hanger from top (NS in this scan).  Wt. = 14.5 oz
Allow 2# shipping wt.
Order as Sign: Bakery-Everything fresh today
$24.95 + S/H

 Click on image to see enlargement
Order as Sign: Fresh
baked Pies      
$24.95 + S/H
This is done on a 1/2" thick checkered textured dark piece of wood. Satin finish applied after edges were sanded off here and there for that aged "shabby chic" look.  I used colors which were typical of early 1900's:  ochre, slate blue, rust.  Sides are done in rust.  Back painted flat black, has my label applied.   Wood portion of sign measures 9-3/8" wide by 7-3/4" high.  I've added soft black bent wire hanger since scan was made.   I made it plenty long (overall hanging length ~15") so you can shorten it if desired.   I thought that would be more "authentic" to the times, rather than our modern sawtooth hangers and the like.  A fun edition to an "Old Fashioned" kitchen.
Actual wt. = ~12 oz. Shipping wt. 1-1/2#

The Pie Lady.jpg.   Artwork & design copyrighted  by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.

No intro necessary on this one!  If you aren't one yourself, this is sure a person you want to get to know!!!  Done on a properly used-and-slightly abused piece of recycled 1/4 plywood, I thought it finished up nicely.  Measures 6-3/4 x 9-1/2".  Edges and border are done in Napa Red.  Quill pen detailing on the drawing.  Satin finish.  Signed.  Hangs by sawtooth hanger on back.  Wt. = 7 1/2 oz.   Allow 1# shipping wt.

Order as Sign: the Pie Lady
$ 22.50 + S/H

For those of you who think cooks should be a little bit more plump than the gal above, here's another one.  Sign measures 7-3/8" x 9-1/2 high, on 1/4" thick recycled wood, which has some really interesting linear raised defects as well as the "usual" longitudinal rough ones.  (Take a look at the enlargement to see what I mean.)   Sides are painted slate blue, back painted flat black.  Has my label applied on back.  Some quill pen details added, including signed front.  Satin finish.  Hangs by sawtooth hanger on back.
Allow 1# shipping wt.
Order as Sign: Renown Pie Lady
$ 22.50 + S/H

The Pie Lady hand lettered sign.  © by Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Everybody knows one (or maybe this is "your" sign?).  Hang this in the kitchen and announce your credentials!  Done on a nice clear piece of mellow colored wood measuring 3½ x 15" x 1/2" thick.
Order as
Hand Lettered Sign-THE PIE LADY
$17.95 + S/H
Sometimes a person wants "just a little discrete something" for their kitchen decor.  Made of ½" thick wood which I've stained in a tone that should go well with just about any type of woods, they measure approx. 3¼" high by ~5¼" long.  Satin finish.
Rectangular Pantry Door sign.
Pantry-angled corners.JPG

Order as Pantry Mini-Rct.
$12.95+ S/H
Order as Pantry Mini-Angled corners
$12.95 + S/H
Order as Buttery Mini.-
$13.95 + S/H
On the table 
 Free Lunch $2 Habndpainted sign on Masonite.  Design copyrighted by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  A little reminder (as if you'd forget?!!), there IS no free lunch!  Fun sign is done on Masonite.  Measures 10 1/4" wide X ~7.5" high; short brass chain for hanging adds another 2-3/4".  Has a pecan-colored background with "age speckling", which you probably can't see here.  Weighs 5 oz.   Allow 1# shipping wt.

Order as  Free Lunch $2 sign.
$18.00 + S/H
Hot Buttery Popcorn
Fresh Hot Buttered Popcorn oval sign #1
Fresh Hot Buttered Popcorn oval sign #2
Oval sign measures ~ 10" x 7 1/4" with brass chain hanger adding another 3" or so.  Handcut Masonite, hand painted,with all its imperfections!  A fun sign for dorm room... or anywhere.   One only made.
Order as Hot Buttery Popcorn sign
Actual wt. = 5 oz.
$12.95 +S/H
Handpainted, handlettered (complete with imperfections), this fun Masonite cutout sign measures ~ 10" x 7.25", the brass chain hanger adding another 3" to height.  A fun room decoration!  One only made.
Order as Popcorn sign FHB #1
Actual wt. = 5 oz.
$12.95 + S/H
Another version for Popcorn Lovers.  Sign measures ~ 10" wide by 7 1/4" high, chain hanger adding another 3" or so.  Again, handcut and handpainted, with all its imperfections.  
One only made.
Order as Popcorn sign FHB #2
Actual wt. = 5 oz.
$12.95 + S/H
Buffalo Wings handpainted one of a kind sign by Janice Austin.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved. I know there are Buffalo Wings fans out there - this one's for you!  Sign measures 5.5" wide x 8 3/8" high.  House Special lettering done in umber with turquoise highlighting.  Buffalo Wings lettered in tan with black, buttermilk and turquoise designs.  Sign's edges done in umber.  Light satin finish, then everything sanded and "antiqued."  Backside unfinished except for my label.  Sawtooth hanger.
Click on image to see enlargement
Order as Sign-Buffalo Wings #1
Allow 1# shipping wt.
$18.95 + S/H

This is a sentiment that never loses its impact, and perhaps even moreso now.  I owe the idea to the Pendleton Pea Growers Association of Oregon.  I once received a Christmas card from farming relatives living in the area with this saying as the caption, and I thought it was one of the most clever things I'd ever seen.  I've done this one in muted colors on a very dark piece of recycled wood which has deep vertical partial cracks and crackles and varicolored surface.  Fun tole borders in whitewashed ivory look like the paint may be fading away.  I've hand-detailed the peas portion it with quill pen outlining.  The gloss varnish gives it a rich antique patina.   Edges are randomly sanded to enhance that used-and-abused look.   Measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2".  Twine hanger gives it about 16" hanging length.   Very nice!
Allow 1# shipping wt.
Order as Peas on Earth-dk,cracked
$18.95 + S/H

Chili Peppers sign #1.  Done on recycled pine.  Handpainted.  Artwork and design copyrighted by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.I really had fun with this sign!  Done on a piece of recycled pine, I let the rich colors and grains of the wood show through.  Definitely a one of a kind!  I got carried away making the colorful patterns in the lettering and topped it all off with quill pen detailing of the peppers.  Signed.  Colors are reds (of course!), turquoise, terra cotta and black with a touch of green leaves.  Edges done in Terra Cotta.  Satin finish.  (Backside, which has a knot defect, is unfinished.)  Sign itself measures 5-1/2" wide by ~8-1/2" long.  The ample soft black wire hanger makes an overall hanging length of ~15".  Wire is soft enough and easily cut for you to adjust to a shorter length, if desired.  Weighs 11.5 oz.  Nice!!!
Order as Kitchen sign-Chili Peppers #1
Allow  1.5 # shipping wt.
$18.95 + SH
   This sign is done on a very rough, textured piece of relatively thin (3/8") wood.  Measures 5 1/2 x 11 1/2".  I thought the combination of brilliant caseins and the  Colorful Peppers sign done in caseins on dark rough, textured wood.  Bent wire hanger.  Copyright 2004 by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.character of the wood itself made it something truly unique.  Bent baling wire hanger (I left enough that you can adjust for longer length if you desire.  Or shorter, of course!) Actual wt. = 5 oz.  Allow 1# shipping wt.

Order as Sign - Peppers/casein.
$19.95 + S/H

Bless the Bounty of This Kitchen (pine w chain).jpg Designed and handpainted by artist Janice Austin.  ©  All rights reserved. Large wall hanging done in acrylics on a fairly clear piece of recycled pine features all the fruits of a traditional harvest.  Edges are done in dark pine green and it's been sanded to give it that aged shabby chic look.  Satin finish.  Topped with a gold-colored chain hanger.  With a little bit of fancy tole borders, it gives that homey farm kitchen look.  Measures ~16-1/4" long x 5-1/2" high (8-1/4" high w/ hanger).  Back is finished in flat black.   Actual wt. = 1# 5 oz.  Allow 2# shipping wt.   
Order as Sign - Kitchen Bounty #1.  
$32.50 + $8.20 S/H

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by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.
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