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Floral Designs boxes
Keep the garden indoors all year 'round...   
This page has a selection of some of my little wooden boxes in floral designs---pillboxes, trinket boxes  and stamp boxes in various designs.   I've provided links for those of you who are in a hurry for just that certain kind of flowers design but I'd suggest you just give it a minute or so and scroll down through everything on the page.  Otherwise you'll never know what you might've missed, now will you?!  We've got poppies and Violets and pansies as well as Iris designs. ( Ooops, no tulips?! )
Pansy pillbox
The purple pansy series of boxes are exquisite--unfortunately the translucency of the painting does not come through in a photograph. The 1-1/2" turned pillboxes  have slip-top lids rimmed in "gold" bands (top and bottom portions).  Semi-gloss finish.  Signed.
Shipping wt. = <1 oz.              
Code: PB-PP   $15 each  
5 purple pansiies boxesSamples of purple pansy pillboxes and larger 2-1/4" boxes, to show uniformity of the paintings from box to box.  When ordering, use the following codes:
LB-PP = large purple pansy series box ( top row = 2-1/4" across)
$22.50 each  

PB-PP = purple pansy series pillbox ( bottom row )  $15 each those poppies! 

Poppies pillbox #2
Poppies on black are one of my favorite flowers to paint---they always remind me of cloissonne.  I've shown 2 boxes done in same design to show you the variations you might expect when you order by this number.  All are ones I would be happy to own and use!
Poppies pillboxes
Each $12.50    

Poppy pillbox
Stamp box-poppies and bluebells
Poppies & bluebells
SB-POP+BB  $25
Stamp box-large poppies shown with lid off
Large poppies design
SB-LG POP              $25
Stamp box-small poppies
Small poppies box 
SB-SM POP     $25
Violets and Pansies 
Stamp box-SB-VIO#1 bluish violets
Stamp box-violets shown with lid off
SB-VIO #2  Violets (2 only this design)     $25
Stamp box-blue pansies
SB-Blue Pansy $22

Iris Designs Boxes   

Blue iris pillbox
Iris design pillboxes each $8 + S/H     

Yellow iris pillbox
Variations on an Iris Theme--Shown  are 3 representative samples of Iris pillboxes.  Some will be "variations on a theme" coloring.                        

Pink iris pillbox
Stamp box-blue and yellow iris
Blue & yellow iris (lid shown askew) 1 only SB-IRIS-B/Y $22
Stamp box-Yellow iris
Yellow iris stamp box.
SB-YEL IRIS       $22
" Round is the form of Nature."
Stamp box-blue iris
blue iris   SB-Blue Iris  $22
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