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Fine Art Items
On this page I've added a few representative samples of an assortment of items that qualify as Fine Art paintings on wood.  Many of them were done back when my eyes were better and my hands were steadier and I won't be doing any of them again (most notably the thimbles!).  Others such as the Siamese cat earrings, I won't do more of simply because of the intensive work involved.  So, please, if you see something that you are interested in, order it now as I will be changing what's offered on this page from time to time and may not offer some of these things again.  Scroll on down to catch what's on this page.  

hand Cat Lovers - I took all the "fine art" things and put them on their own separate cat page. But, don't forget that there may be other "cat art" scattered around on other pages throughout this site that didn't make it to this page (most likely because I just got plain ol' tired at all that extra work it takes to do so!  Ex:  Cat design thimbles are on the page you're on now).  Click on the link to go to Cat Art page.  (AKA Cats Exclusively)
Decorative wooden bells 

Bells measure approximately 5" tall.  They are entirely of wood, so the clappers I added don't really accomplish much in the way of making them anything but purely decorative bells.  The artwork on these bells is very finely done.  Would be wonderful in a collection. or just for someone who loves the subject matter and appreciates something different and high quality
Carousel Horses Bell - black horse facing
Pegasus bell - violet bkgd
Carousel Horses
Bell #1  $35
 Painted 1991
Pegasus Bell #1   $25         
Painted 1991
Ceramic paperweights 

Soothing to look at, sensuous to hold.  Hand painted in exquisite detail on 6" flattened rounded ceramic paperweight, then coated with a special varnish to give them the appearance of porcelain.  Bottom has cork pad.  Signed by the artist.  Each is a one of a kind, for that person who appreciates some-thing really special.   Actual wt = ~ 7 oz. each.  
Fragile item ~ Insurance suggested.
Ceramic paperwt -Peace roses
Peace Roses hand painted in China painting style on ceramic paperweight.
Order: PW-Peace Roses
$24.50 + S/H

Ceramic paperwt - Peony
Painted from a deep red peony as it was just beginning to burst out in full bloom.
Order:   PW-Peonies
Ceramic paperwt - Dp pink roses
Deep rose colored roses.

Order  PW-Roses

Limited Edition Carousel Horse thimbles 
Limited Edition  
Our town (Spokane, WA) has a carousel that is highly prized and loved by all the locals, as well as being one of our most popular tourist attractions in our park that was once the site of the World's Fair.  So, besides the popularity of the subject matter in general, it was a "natural" for me to do a series of horses.  They can be ordered either with "Spokane, WA" on them (as seen above) or without (below).  There is no difference in designs of the horses. All are handpainted and signed.
 Gloss finish.  My choice of horse.

Ltd Ed C. Horse thimbles (blue bkgd) - 6 samples shown
Order TH-CH-SPO (for Spokane souvenir) or TH-CH  
 $16.50 each +S/H
Same price for either design
Misc. Thimble Designs                    
Rabbit with potted poppies thimble
T-R+PP A fun series
of "Peter Rabbit" with potted poppies.  Rabbit may be facing right or left--our choice.
$12.95 each + S/H
Kittens with flowerpot thimbles - 3 shown
T-K+PP  Funny furry kitten playing with potted poppies.  Our choice of the two designs shown on left.  (These are the last 2 left!)
$12.95 each + S/H
I started to do a Ms. Mouse series but found, for some reason, they were making me cross-eyed!  Here are two I still have available.  First come, first served.  
Order T-MsM        $15 + S/H                
Ms. Mouse thimble
Ms. Mouse#2 thimble

These little guys are meant for trinket gifts.  They still feature some pen detailing.  Each is a little bit different.  Would make a nice Easter surprise for a collector!Rabbit may be facing right or left--our choice.
Order T-R-I      Each $8.95 + S/H

Rabbit series thimbles (ivory bckgrd) - 5 shown

These two are exquisitely done!  I had to force myself to stop doing them as I found I was getting lost in the doing and spending far too much time on each one.
$16.95 EACH + S/H
   Rabbit thimble #5Rabbit thimble #6
  T-R #5
 T-R #6

Rabbit Plate This beautiful plate is another one-of-a-kind.  It's done on an 11-1/2" Basswood turning.  Basswood Rabbit plate.  Artwork copyrighted by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.Background is a pale dark blue color wash (front and back).  The greens of the main painting are much less yellow than web color shows; the rabbit, likewise is not as opaque, although he is quite dark brown.  The entire painting has a very "soft" muted  Old World look.  Features fine pen detailing in areas.  Soft matte finish.  Signed front and back.
Shipping wt. = allow 2 lb.

Order Rabbit Plate
$45 + S/H/I (Additional $2 handling  for over 1# rate)  
Insurance required ($1.30 additional)
A tribute to the King... 
These boxes feature the actual commemorative stamp issued Elvis stamp boxesJanuary 8, 1993.  Beside it is a faux Post Office stamp dated 8 Jan 1935 Tupelo, Miss (Elvis' birth date and place).  Around the box is a facsimile of Elvis' signature, rendered from a previous album cover.

Only 4 made. Only 3 remaining!
Each $26.50
Order SB-Elvis
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