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1.  What happens if I order something that's shown as a one-of-a-kind and someone else beats me to it?
Your payment (whatever kind) will be held and you will be contacted by e-mail as soon as it is apparent that this has happened.  In some cases, you might want me to hold your payment until the other party's payment has cleared, to assure that the sale was actually finalized, so that you could purchase in case of sale default.  Or you may simply cancel when contacted and your payment will be returned (or refused, in the case of PayPal).
You may also want me to put you on a "Wish List" to be contacted first, should I decide to do another item similar to what you had wanted. Please do not take this as meaning that you may place Special Orders.

2. Do I do special orders?
No.   It stifles creativity.  At some time I may offer certain items that can be personalized and these will be my only "exception to the rule."

3. If you don't do special orders, are you open to theme ideas?
You bet!  Just remember that "art" is like writing a book---the idea may sit there for years and years before it finally bursts into life.  That's just the way these things work.  If you "force them", they lose something in the making.

4.  How often do you update your site?
"The Plan" is to do so immediately when any limited edition or one-of-a-kind item is sold and also whenever I have new items. (I try to be conscientious here but there is Life beyond this, plus the CyberPowers sometimes have other plans for all of us when dealing with "hi tech" stuff.  You know what I mean!)

5. Do  I make anything special for Christmas?
Yes. I have special Christmas items (I love the fantasy of Christmastime!) as well as buttons for St. Patrick's day, at this time.  Other ideas are being generated constantly..

6.  How soon may I expect an e-mail to be answered?
I usually check my business e-mail box at least once daily and hopefully will answer within 24 hours of receipt.  This isn't written in stone, but I try to hold myself to this "rule."

7.  How soon will my order be shipped?
Orders will be held until receipt of payment has been verified, which means possibly not until the 5-day window allowing reversal of payment has transpired.  Reminder:  PayPal does not consider Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to be business days.
Changes in banking and increased on-line commerce seems to have speeded up this lag time and usually it works out that your item can be shipped within 24-48 hrs max. of receiving your order., barring weather, car failure, weekends*, or other unforeseen events beyond control.
Because of where I live,  packages have to be personally taken to the PO or UPS pickup sites.  
* We have no postal services open on Saturdays hereabouts.  (Believe it or not, this is a "big" city area!)

See also conditions of shipment listed under payment methods in Ordering & Shipping.
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