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Exquisite Eggs
International Customers - Do not use these web buttons to pay.  E-mail me first with your order and address so that I can make up a special button which allows for shipping charges to your address.
Special note:  These eggs are all finished with modern glazes, most of which are acrylic or other forms of plastics.  Because of their nature, they do not harden to the degree the ordinary person thinks of  when we think of a hard finish.  Some may show some cloudiness under certain conditions and, like most everything, they soften in extreme heat.  A friend had the unfortunate experience of setting a glazed egg in an antique porcelain eggcup holder and found that the glazing on the egg softened just enough to cause it to stick to the holder...and she lost her cherished antique through breakage in trying to get the two apart.  So please, please don't do that!  Personally, I would be very wary of displaying them on anything other than a wood holder or plain tin or saucer of some kind---never, ever directly on a piece of fine furniture!  Consider, too, that  even though modern paints are rigorously tested for lightfastness, it is never wise to subject artworks to direct sunlight or extremes of temperature.  You needn't make your home into a museum---just use common sense.  Dust them occasionally with a soft cloth (the dust coating won't hurt them but other environmental pollutants will...  (Think "The Sistine Chapel", restorations of Old Masters, etc.)   They are meant to be enjoyed, on a daily basis!
All the large eggs (~4-1/4" high) have an approximate shipping weight of 8 oz.  The smaller eggs weigh 2-1/2 oz.  Extra insurance is highly recommended.  Scroll on down, or click on the links to take you to the themes you're particularly interested in:  Horses     Cat Designs     Florals     Turtles      Parrots
Lg egg (composite) - Palomino stallion + herd 
Single rearing stallion on this 4-1/4" egg.  Around the rest of the egg is scenery of where he and his herd of mares graze.  Moderate gloss finish.  Signed.  One of a kind.
 Order Egg-LG-Palo       $65 + S/H
Additional $4.50 handling charge + $2.20 for insurance on this item

Grey Wedding Horse egg (composite) - 3 views
This 2-3/4 egg  is very "rich" when viewed up close.  I've enlarged it here trying to show the details somewhat better, as gold doesn't show in web color.  Features lots of gold-colored detailing on the tack, ribbons in the horse's mane and tail, as well as "gold dust" in areas of the black of the background.  A stylized bird carries a gold-trimmed ribbon that flows over all.  Red roses run around the egg in front of the horse.  High gloss.  Signed.  
 Order Egg-Wedding Horse/blk    $26.50+ S/H

Brown Carousel Horse egg (composite) - 3 views
The drawing for this horse was taken from a book of antique carousels I was studying at the time.  The egg turned out beautifully, with the ivory coloration perfectly complimenting the brown detailed horse so that the whole thing looks "antique."  One of a kind.  Signed.
Order Egg-Brown CH            $26.50 + S/H
Congratulations Wedding Horse Egg (composite) - 3 views
Prancing grey horse bearing flowers and ribbons galore, with lots of gold detailing.   Soft pale blue muted background behind the horse.  A stylized bird carries a gold-trimmed pink ribbon that flows over all.  Says,  " Congratulations."   A perfect "extra" gift for a wedding---or a "stand alone" gift.  One of a kind.  2- 3/4 inch egg.  Signed by the artist.
Order Egg-Congrats           $26.50 + S/H
Cat Designs 
Lg egg (composite) - Multiple cats  Fine art painted large wooden egg by artist Janice Austin, DBA Austin Originals.  Artwork and design copyrighted.  All rights reserved.
Seven (7) cats around this 4-1/4" wooden egg.  Background deep black "dusted" with gold paint gives a very rich look, accentuated by the gloss finish.  Definitely a one-of-a-kind.  
Order Egg-LG-Multi cats       $65 + S/H
Additional $4.50 handling charge + $2.20 for insurance on this item
Lg wood egg (composite) - Siamese cats #1  Handpainted by artist Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  Artwork and design copyrighted.  All rights reserved.
4-1/4" sold wood egg.  Cats are a little more stylized and opaquely painted on this egg than the following two.  The black background is swirled with "golddust" to  add to the look of elegance.  Nice gloss finish.  One of a kind.  Signed.
 Order Egg-Siam #1     $65 + S/H
Additional $4.50 handling charge + $2.20 for insurance on this item
Lg wood egg (composite) - 3 Siamese, #2  Fine art painting os Siamese cats on large wooden egg.  Handpainted, copyrighted art by Janice Austin, DBA Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Three exquisitely painted Siamese with lots of blue undertones.  Marked "gold dusting" in the deep black background.  Gloss finish.  One of a kind.  Signed
Order Egg-Siam #2         $65 + S/H
Additional $4.50 handling charge + $2.20 for insurance on this item
Lg wood egg (composite) - Dk. Sealpoints-3 views= Siam #3  Handpainted by artist Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  Copyrighted.  All rights reserved.
Three Siamese in deeper sealpoint coloration.  Rich "gold dusting" in the dense black background.  High gloss.  One of a kind.  Signed.
Order Egg-Siam #3      $65 + S/H
Additional $4.50 handling charge + $2.20 for insurance on this item
Small egg-Grey shorthair, pink flowers; on black-gloss finish.  Handpainted by artist Janice Austin.

Soft grey cat with flowers painted on 2-1/2" wood egg.  Gloss finish.
One only.
Order Egg-Cat-SM   
$16.50 + S/H

The Floral Series 
Iris design items-eggs, boxes, egg holders
Shown are samples of Iris eggs and holders.  Most are done in either yellows, blues or bicolors; some with more than one color iris.  Order by flower color desired.  All on 2 1/2" eggs, black backgrounds, gloss finish.  Likewise, the egg holders have black backgrounds but only feature stylized leaves with some pen detailing.
Iris Cupholder
$10 each + S/H
Iris Egg-Yellows
$12.95 + S/H
Iris Egg-Blues
$12.95 + S/H
Iris Egg-Pinks
$12.95 + S/H

The Turtle Series 
The Turtle Series-eggs, egg holder
Small eggs (1 5/8"), medium eggs (2 1/2") and egg holder shown.   (Be sure to check out the turtle design earrings and thimbles.  Only a few in stock! )
Turtle candle holder

Order CH-T
$16.50 + S/H
Egg-SM-T Small eggs feature 3 highly detailed turtles.  High gloss.  I think these are wonderful!  Each $10 + S/H

Egg-T-LG   Three large stylized turtles with fine pen detailing.  No two eggs are alike, so colorations will vary (as you can see from the three eggs shown above).  Nice gloss finish.  There's just something fun about turtles!   $18 each + S/H              

Egg holder-T (Example shown in center egg in holder in picture above) The turtles really lend themselves to this one---they look like they are diving right to the bottom!  Turtles' colorations will vary from holder to holder.  Gloss finish.  Padded base. Each $18

Turtle design pillbox
( Of course, you've already seen the turtle design pillboxes in the Hand painted boxes section.)
Parrots egg, green parrots
Parrot eggs (2) done in blues 
Bright and colorful green bodied parrots around this high gloss 2  1/2" solid wood egg.  Stylized yet detailed.  Great for a lover of exotic birds!  One only made.
Order Egg-P-GRN
$25 + S/H
I only made two of these.  First come, first served  2-1/2" solid wood eggs. Same "design" as the green parrot .  
Makes a striking display.  High gloss.  Signed.  
Order as Egg-P-BLUE     
$25 each + S/H.