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Cats Exclusively
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       Cat Boxes

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 Cats on Exquisite Eggs and, of course, the Cat Buttons.   
Handpainted Siamese Wooden Earrings 
These are one-of-a-kind museum quality miniature paintings in acrylic on raised 1"wood discs.  Stainless steel posts.  Painted to be a set.  Each is signed by the artist.  Gift boxed.
One-of-a-kind Siamese Cats wood earrings Set #1
ER-SIAM Set #1       $45
One-of-a-kind wood earrings- Siamese, Set #2
ER-SIAM-Set #2      $45
Be sure to check out the cat designs in the Bracelets page.  
They are one-of-a-kinds!!!
 Some Cat Boxes
These are all painted 2-1/4" round turned wood boxes with slip-top lids and painted "bands" on lids and bottoms.  Sealed but unpainted inside.   Each one is painted freehand.  All are signed. If you're a fancier of boxes, please don't miss the Floral Design boxes while you're on this site.
 Box-SH Blk on ivory, annotated
One only  A fine art painting.  
Stylized tabby large cat box
LCB-TAB-STYL    $18      
One only    Stylized tabby amongst the Spring flowers.
Siamese box, gold bands (annotated)
Absolutely beautiful freehand painting of Siamese cat on 2 1/4" turned slip-lid box.  Box has rough textured gold-colored side bands.
LCB-SIAM #2            $25
 Box-Or tabby + butterfly, grn bands  
Bright and whimsical orange striped cat and butterfly.  Very charming! High gloss finish.   One only.    Variegated green side bands.  
CPB-OR #1     $18.50
Cat Designs Stamp Boxes 
Now that the world has essentially gone to sheets of self-adhesive stamps or metered mail, even this idea is somewhat "antique."  (But I've been in the post office very recently and still overhead people buying stamps in a roll, so that tradition is not yet completely dead!)  I suppose these could be used for any number of other things---I just haven't thought of what those might be.  These little wooden boxes measure approx. 2" high overall by 1-7/8" wide at the base.  Inside diameter is 1-3/8" x 1-3/8" deep.  Boxes have very loose-fitting set-on tops and a vertical slit in one side to pass the stamps through. These were great fun to paint, and ones that I still have in stock are shown here,  priced accordingly.  Please note the inherent defects in the wood from the turning process, clearly seen in the photos below.  These are "part of the product" and not acceptable "reason" for return!
Siamese cats stamp boxDetail of box  shows amount of "gold" detailing.
Siamese cats stamp box with lid"To keep a friend you must keep in touch" One only made of this design.   Box lid and bottom rim have nicks (part of wood turning process.)        
STAMP BOX - SIAM + HEARTS    $28.50  
Manx stamp box (orange on blk)
   Detail of Manx box
Manx (orange) stamp box (blk) with lid
"To keep a friend you must keep in touch"
Three kittens chase a ball of yarn around the box.  
1 only made.  Lots of pen detailing.
STAMP BOX - MANX     $26.50  
Calico stamp box

< One only Calico cats  Three calicos strut around the box
"To keep a friend you must keep in touch"   
Love a Manx (calico) 9 x 12.jpg  Handpainted wood cat painting by artist Janice Austin.  İAustin Originals.   All right reserved.
Click on image to see an enlargement.  This is a beautiful painting done on a clear pine plaque measuring 12" wide by 9" high.   Even the lettering and tole details are freehand! The edges have been painted black (as this seems to be the current vogue) so you may not be able to tell that there is a bead groove in this border.  Satin finish.  Signed on front and my Austin Originals label on back.   A nice one-of-a-kind.  (Also listed in my "Other Fun Signs page", so if you like it, hurry and hit that button.)  Hangs by screw eyes and wire.
Shipping wt. 1 lb.
Order as Sign-Love a Manx #1
$39.95 + S/H

This is another painting I really enjoyed doing. I was  intending to make it into some Blue is Beautiful plaque (adj 2-25-10).jpg   Handpainted wood cat painting by artist Janice Austin.  İAustin Originals.   All right reserved.sort of "saying" type of work but then decided it was a stand-alone piece of art (©7/2004) which any cat lover would enjoy.  I think it epitomizes the wonderful qualities inherent in cats.  I dubbed it "Blue is Beautiful" but it also has many, many subtitles in my mind.  Feel free to give it your own, should you become its owner.    This is taken from a scan; as you can tell, it wouldn't quite fit on the scanner bed!  Measures 8½" high x 11" wide.  Slate blue edges (which look nice in any decor).  Matte finish acrylic painting.  Screw eyes and wire for hanging.   Weighs 13 oz.   Allow 1# shipping wt.   Click on the image to see an enlargement.
Order as Lg. Plaque-Blue is Beautiful
$39.95 + S/H
Fun Wood & Wire wall hangings 
Multiple wood & wire cats wall hangings İAustin Originals.
Hangings measure approx. 6" in height.  Hearts are 2 1/4" x 1/2" wood.  Cats are 1-1/4" high by 1/2" thick, painted, detailed with quill pen (right down to little highlights in their eyes!), then varnished.  Cats and hearts are finished both sides.   Wt. each approx. 1/2 oz.  Not all combinations are available... i.e.,  it's OK for your cat to clash with the furnishings but it's a no-no to purposefully add clashing decor!  (Example:  An orange cat just doesn't "go" with a pink heart, so I won't put the two together, even  'tho your own orange cat may be perfectly "proper" in your home that is furnished in mauves.)   Most hearts are deep red or mauve; some shades of blues where appropriate, a few teals.  I've shown a few samples here.  Let me surprise you on the cat color---I've made up ones from all shades of tabbies to all kinds of calicos, blues, black and whites, all whites,  pure blacks, etc.   You can give me your color preferences (1st, 2nd and 3rd choices) and I'll do my best to comply with stock already painted up but no "special orders" at these prices.    No Siamese here!
Order as WW Cat-(saying #).   Each $8.95 + S/H.
The following sayings are available:
#:Saying (may be abbreviated here)
Color preference
Wood and wire wall hanging İby Austin Originals- Fur Person orange cat with dark blue heart.
Whimsical Cat Keyrings 
Done on 1/8th inch thick gloss finished wood with those neat foolproof type keyrings and chains attached.  Don't let the thickness of the wood fool you---these are tough.  They are definitely a "feel good" kind of trinket---that goofy smile will get you every time!   Above are some illustrative samples.  I do a batch at a time of all in one color cat, so there is some uniformity but, again, each cat "emerges" as I do them, so every silly little one is different.   The greatest variations are in the calicos and spotted black and whites--just like real cats; none are identical.  (That would be boring!!!)  Allow 1/2 oz. shipping wt per item.
Order as: KR-(color)   Each $2 + S/H. Unless shipped with other items from this website, in order to minimalize your postage costs, these will be shipped to you in padded mailing envelope via 1st Class with postage calculated on final pkg. wt.   
       Colors for ordering
Black  & white
Blue & white
Use this button for colors in this box:
Cat color
Black with white tiger stripes
Grey tabby
Odd-eyed white
Use this button for colors in this box:
Cat color
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