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Browsing Tips

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Browsing Tips

But first, before you get going......

1.  This site is best viewed at screen size 600 x 800 in Verdana font with text size set at "medium."  The headers were designed specifically to display in Mistral and Curlz.  (If you don't have these fonts on your machine, there are many places on the Web where you can download them free.)  It was purposely designed to accommodate those (like me) with visual impairment, so the text size can be altered (upwards or downwards).  Due to  "the nature of the beast", doing so necessarily alters the page design as some things do NOT change size (such as images and "tables")---but this is a small price to pay for those of us with vision difficulties.  Most images also have what is called "ALT text"---a description box that comes on before the actual image is loaded onto your browser.  The font style "Verdana" is said to be "easiest on the eyes" for prolonged on-screen viewing.  I, personally, find that somewhat debatable.   If you find it "doesn't do it" for you, you can set your own font preferences within your own computer to have it show in something different.  Just be aware that making changes from what was "designed" does throw things off (*see #3  below)....

2.  In a couple of pages, on certain browsers, some sections of a page will go flying off to the right of the page and/or have great big gaps where none apparently exist on the edited pages.  I hope you'll just have the patience to click on over, or down, as the case may be and find them--- the rest of the page seems to revert back to where it belongs.  Sorry 'bout that...  It seems that too many advances have been made too rapidly for the technology to cover all bases, and it's very difficult to make a website that looks decent in every browser and/or under every circumstance.  If my website looks like it was made in kindergarten aided  by a bunch of monkeys, well---it wasn't!  When it left my computer, it looked GREAT but seems that even machines choke on converting words and images into mathematical equivalents.  (If two trains leave Point A and Point B at the same time...and Train A is traveling at X mph and B travels at Y mph and Conductor A stops for a 15 minute break before heading up a long hill, how many peanuts grow in Georgia---and do you even care when the trains come in?  It all makes about that much sense....)  I wasted hours and hours attempting to remove some gaps that show up in certain pages and it seems The CyberPowers just want them to just keep scrolling on down, if you will.  Again, my apologies.  (See #6 below.)

3.  You can use the pull-down VIEW menu on your toolbar and click on FONT SIZE to adjust most of the material in this website.  (If you're like me, some days you can see "little", sometimes you can't ).  It was set up for "medium" and I noticed that if you change it to a larger size, it totally changes the page design---things seem to go flying all over the place just by changing the font size, too!  Not to panic...your browser hasn't gone haywire nor has your computer, 'tho this may cause you to...  Likewise, if you set the point size smaller, some things "shrink" while others (tables) don't and you get a really weird-looking site....  Don't blame that on me!  Guess that's "just how things work,"

4.  Because this site is based on images and images (photos) take forever (or so it seems) to download, remember this:

Once you've allowed all the images from a page to download, they are stored in your computer's cache for your whole "session" on-line (unless, of course, you clear your browser cache in mid-stream, so to speak, hoping to speed things up....).  What this means is that once you've agonized through the long grueling wait for them to download, you can go to another page on this site (or even on other sites) and then come back and wallah!--- the next time you want to see them, they almost slam right up there.  So, see....some things are worth waiting for!

So--- I suggest that you pick a page you think you'd like to browse through, start the download, wander off for a cup of coffee, wash the dog (well, not a St. Bernard but maybe a Chihuahua), put the dishes in to soak,  make that grocery list,  write those thank you notes you've been meaning to get around to,  throw a load of clothes in,,,, you get the drift.

And never, ever look at that bar that tells you "99 images [or whatever the staggering number is] left to download"----that's a little bit like allowing yourself to calculate how many dishes you'll wash in your lifetime......Arrrrrgh!   As they say:  Patience is a virtue.  The download will happen!

5.  The "business stuff" (About Us, FAQ's, Ordering & Shipping, Privacy Policy and Contact Us)  is on a different tour sequence---you may have to go back to Home Page and access the pages from there.  Every page has a link to the Home Page in the top banner.  And, as you know, you can get back to the goodies by clicking on any link on my Home Page.

6. A huge THANKYOU to all the incredibly helpful folks at CuteSITE Builder Forum who generously give of their time and expertise to struggling, fumbling, flummoxed and frustrated first-time website builders like myself.  A special "thankyou" to Kevin Weilbacher for "going above and beyond" in attempting to straighten out some fluky things for me.  
Now, get on with your tour and have fun!!!

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