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 Marvelous wood bracelets! 
Most of these bracelets are made of American or Canadian (Code A) turned wood measuring approximately 2-3/4" across
 (inside diameter) and 1-1/4" width of band.  (This is a great size for people like me who always have difficulty finding things large enough to accommodate "big boned" people.  I'm sure there are tons of you out there who know exactly of which I speak.  Another one of Life's Little Frustrations.)  The inside of these sometimes have a rough surface--this is simply "the nature of the wood."   These particular wood turnings are becoming hard to find.  Consequently, I've gone to using nicely made wood blanks
for small- to fine-boned people.
Band width = 1-1/4"
ID = 2-3/4"
Band width = 1 "
ID = 2-5/8"
To simplify this, use this table to check against code given in individual bracelet's description.  (Any "odd" bracelets will be properly described in their descriptive paragraph.)      Allow a shipping weight of 2 oz. per bracelet.

Here are the current offerings.  There's a bit of something for everyone.  You really ought to check 'em all out, but for those of you in a "hurry" (for whatever unimaginable reason when presumably you surfed here for a reason!), I've added a few quick links to some by subject.  (If you just check the links, you'll miss some....)
Please remember that browser settings vary according to each computer and the web colors that you are viewing may not precisely match what you see in true life!  I do my very best to show colors as accurately as possible!

Original design one of a kind handpainted whimiscal wood bracelet - Cows in propellor hats.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved. 
Three views of handpainted bracelet featuring a bunch of cows standing around in their propeller hats, waiting for the party to begin (?).  One of a kind.     Code I.

"Holsteins in Propeller Hats #1"

 For the Appy lover:  I wanted this to have sort of an "old-time" look to it and not a "slick" feel, either.  Somewhat stylized horses are shown galloping in a desert like area with yellow and purple sages.  I speckled the entire background and then added the characteristic Appy spots.  Around and over this I applied a cobalt sky.  So the whole things has sort of a  gritty feel (makes you want to pick the sand out of your teeth!). Code I
Br-Run, Appys, Run
©Original design handpainted one of a kind wood bracelet Dark Rabbits Bracelet features a scene of many darkish brown rabbits grazing together in summer fields under a warm cerulean blue sky with wispy clouds overhead. ID 2-5/8Dark Rabbits Bracelet.  
This bracelet features a scene of many darkish brown rabbits grazing together in summer fields under a warm cerulean blue sky with wispy clouds overhead. Has some fine quill pen detailing.  High gloss finish.  Wood turning imported from India.  ID 2-5/8". Signed and dated on work.CODE I
Dark Rabbits Bracelet
One of a kind original design handpainted wood bracelet - Pastel rabbits.  ©Austin Orignals.  All rights reserved.*Due to the difficulty of accurately presenting these particular colors on the web, please note that the rabbits on this bracelet are actually a very pale tannish brown. (The baby rabbit, 3rd from left in top view is  closest to actual rabbits' colorings.)
Pastel Rabbits bracelet - 3 views of same bracelet.  Handpainted on wood turning imported from India,   A bunch of wild rabbits happily grazing in a grassy area, scattered with luscious dandelions.  The cerulean blue sky has just a few wispy clouds.  You can see their whiskers---each rabbit carefully detailed in this respect with fine quill pen.  Entire bracelet is very high key and just has a pleasant, soothing feel to it.  High gloss finish.  Code I    
Pastel Rabbits Bracelet           $32.50
Rabbits bracelet #2.  Handpainted by artist, Janice Austin, on 1(Composite - all views of same bracelet)
I wanted this bracelet to have   somewhat of an Oriental feel to it, so I added the gnarled Spring twigs just coming into blossom to go with the simplified hares, purposely painted so that each brushstroke shows.  Then I added some fine quill pen detailing here and there, plus some spring dandelions and violets in the grasses.  Wood is a very pleasant mellow color, a bit lighter in some areas. Web color is fairly accurate--depending also, of course, on your own browser's color settings.   CODE I
"Rabbits bracelet #2"             $32.50 + S/H
Rabbits bracelet # 3.  Shown are 4 views of handpainted bracelet by artist, Janice Austin.  Done in acrylics on natural wood turning imported from India.  2-5/8
This bracelet is very similar to the one shown above, except that the wood itself is slightly lighter in tone.  I've also added red tulips and some tiny pink blossoms just beginning on the flowering shrubs.  There are a few blue butterflies and some dandelions randomly here and there, too.  Grass color is a muted green. CODE I
"Rabbits bracelet #3"
$32.50 + S/H
Handpainted one of a kind wood bracelet-Bumblebees. Done on bicolor wood turning, imported. ©Austin Originals 2003.  All rights reserved. The wood turning for this bracelet was imported from India.  I don't know what kind of wood it is, but it is quite lightweight, fine grained and absolutely beautiful!  The shape of the turning is unique--you can see that the whole thing is angled, and then there is further angulation that gives it a somewhat carved look.  I've painted 12 bumblebees in great detail here, one each on a clover blossom on the wider dark wood "inserts" on either side.  High gloss finish.  Bracelet ID is only 2.5"    Width of decorated area = 5/8"-1".  One-of-a-kind and definitely a work of art!
Order as Bracelet:    "Bumblebees & Clover" $38.50
Seven Butterflies bracelet.  Shown below are top and bottom views of a rather unusual bracelet turning---it's shaped somewhat like a flying saucer.  Look closely and you'll note that the "rim" kind of fades out after it gets partially around.  I'm not a wood worker in that respect, so I don't know if that was done purposefully or not.   The shape seemed perfect for flying butterflies!  I've added just a hint of iridescence for realism after finishing the detail of their wings.  Gloss finish.  Very pleasant and lightweight to wear! Code I.  Measures 3-3/4" across.     Shipping wt = 2 oz. Click on either image to see an enlargement.  
7 Butterflies bracelet - one side's view. Rather unusual bracelet turning---it's shaped somewhat like a flying saucer.  Look closely and you'll note that the
7 Butterflies bracelet - one side's view. Rather unusual bracelet turning---it's shaped somewhat like a flying saucer.  Look closely and you'll note that the
Order as "7 Butterflies" bracelet.  
 $36.50 + S/H

Turtles in aqua waters-handpainted one of a kind wood bracelet ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.(Composite - 2 views of same bracelet shown.)  Stylized turtles on 2-3/4" ID bracelet.  Decorated area is 1-1/4" wide.  The green turtles are each a little bit different.  I've added a very slight iridescence to this one, attempting to simulate the shimmering shells under water.  Gloss finish. Code A
"Turtles in Aqua Waters"     $32.50 + S/H
Handpainted wood bracelet in Watermelon design.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved. 
Watermelons are such a fun thing, I've made these  part of my "standard repertoire."  Each bracelet will be just a little different, but all will have pink rind fading to white, then green and the inside of the bracelet is striped green just like a melon.   
Code A.  Order Bracelet-WM   $22.50+ S/H
 Flying Pigs.  This is a new series that's been burning in my brain since the politicians were in full form "doing their thing."  (Of course, this source of inspiration is never-ending!)   These are all done on Code I bracelets.  Sky background on the ones shown is light periwinkle blue; because this is not a "web safe color" it may show differently on your browser screen.  Order by name/description given with each bracelet.
 All are priced at $32.50 + S/H each.  
Flying Pink Pigs - one of a kind handpainted wood braccelet ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Features 5 pink pigs with white wings.
Flying Pigs bracelet #1
(All pinks)
Flying Spotted Pigs handpainted one of a kind wood bracelet ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Features 6 brownish-spotted pigs with greyish-white wings.
Flying Pigs bracelet #3 (Spotteds)
Here's something truly unusual and definitely will be a one-of-a-kind as there was waaay too much detailing necessary on this one, even to come out as a "cartoon" one!Raining Cats & Dogs - 3 views.  Handpainted  wood bracelet by Janice Austin DBA  Austin Originals.  Copyrighted; all rights reserved.  Done on a wood turning imported from India.  A definite one-of-a-kind.  Too many cats to count (which, in typical cat fashion, seem to be enjoying the situation) + 4 various and assorted somewhat (understatement) surprised dogs.  Gloss finish. Shipping wt. =  1-1/2oz.  "Inspired" by what was going on outdoors, seemingly endlessly, when it was supposed to be getting into Spring!  Bet you won't find another one like this anywhere!!!   Too many cats to count (which, in typical cat fashion, seem to be enjoying the situation) + 4 various and assorted somewhat (understatement) surprised dogs.  Gloss finish. Wt. =1-1/2 oz Code I.  Order as "Raining Cats & Dogs bracelet" $42.50 + S/H
Stylized Black Cats with Tul;ips design handpainted one of a kind wood bracelets ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.  
"The Black Cat Series"  These delightful bracelets are works of art.  I have shown 2 views of each of the bracelets I currently have in stock.  Each bracelet features 3 black cats in various poses lying amongst stylized tulips.  Gloss finish.    Code A     
Order BR-BC-T  
$35 each + S/H  
LH Orange squatty kittens looking out at you around a Spring flower-strewn grass, soft blue sky.  A whole bunch of squatty, funny little orange longhaired kittens innocently (?) looking out at the world from a field of flower-strewn grass, with butterflies here and there in the soft blue sky.  Satin finish.  One of a kind!  Code A
Order BR-C-LH OR    
$39.95 + S/H
Country Manx Calcios bracelet.  One of a kind handpainted wood bracelet by Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  Copyrighted; all rights reserved.  Features 5 calico Manx cats in various antics around a midnite blue background with a checkerboard off-white border top and bottom to give this a
(Shown is composite of 3 scans of same bracelet.)  This is definitely a "feel good" bracelet!  Features 5 bold colored calico Manx cats in various antics around the midnight blue band.  Cats have some quill pen detailing, esp. in the head area (whiskers and such).  Off-white checkerboard border top and bottom give it a "country" feel.  High gloss finish---so glossy it was difficult to get a clear scan.  Code I
BR -Country Manx Calicos
One of a kind handpainted wood bracelet with barred chicks on natural wood, gloss finish.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved. This bracelet preserves the warmth of the natural wood---very fitting for the 6 baby chicks around the 1" wide bracelet.  Each chick is different.  All chicks have barred markings (no plain little yellow chicks here.)   Painted in acrylics.   High gloss finish.  Signed Austin Originals.  


"Chicks #2"  $32.50
African Animal Themes 
I did  three bracelets as another "rest break" from "the usual."  (I have a thing for African animals anyway.)  Each one features 6 zebras---every single one different, just as no two zebras are striped the same.)
Zebras bracelet #1 (handpainted one of a kind; wood)
3 views of same bracelet shown.
Code A
For this bracelet, Order BR-Z #1
$45+ S/H
Handpainted wood bracelet - Zebras on lt blue (3 views)
Code A  
This one is BR-Z-#3        
$45 + S/H

3 views of Carved African veldt animal theme wood bracelet handpainted in faux jewels with Cheetah paintings.  One of a kind.   ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.This is really nice, fine grained wood (unknown species) wood turning imported from India.  It came with the burnt markings--which just cried out to be painted in something African.  For this one, cheetahs immediately came to mind.  I made three different detailed paintings on the raised diamond areas, triple glazed to approximate jewels.  I picked an hot African midday color blue for ends and inside. The bracelet is quite heavy.  Entire bracelet is about 3-3/4” across, 2-1/2” inside diameter, width = 1”.  I really like it!  (African animals and scenes are one of my favorite themes.)   High gloss over all.

“Cheetahs”  $45  

This is a pleasant feeling Spring-like design of multiple sweet violets around the 1" wide bracelet painted in an ivory background feathered with pale blue.  There are 7 clumps of violets around.  This is more a watercolor painting type than a pen-quilled design.  High gloss. CODE I
"Spring Violets #1"     $22.50
Handpainted wood bracelet of bicolor Sunflowers in muted colors.  ©Austin Originals.  All rights reserved. 4 only remaining! Impressionistic bicolor sunflowers done on muted dusky blue washed background, very low sheen finish.  Inside is sanded and roughed, giving the entire bracelet a very "old" look. Code  A  
Order BR-SF #4  Each $35