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Bird & Garden Theme Signs

Garden Theme   Don't forget to check out the signs in Watermelon Theme
Here's a cheerySunflowers handpainted wood and wire sign Šartist Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals. sign to hang indoors or out.  Measures a little less than 13" long by 3-1/2", with bent baling wire hanger adding total height of  ~9-1/4".  I've given it a single coat of matte varnish to help protect the paint if it is hung outdoors.  Comes with a raffia bow (not shown) that you can tie onto the wire wherever you think it looks best.
Order as SF Sign #1
$16.95 + S/H

Sunflower Seed Packet (wood w/ twine) - handpainted.  Artwork copywrite Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
These fun little "seed packets" are made from 4" wide rough-sawn 3.5" pine. Note that this is recycled wood and back sides may be very knotty and have other irregularities.  If the fronts have any, I've chosen that side to enhance the old-time look and feel of the painting. Very "antique" feel.  Made to hang on a nail or a hook by their twine hanger (what else?).  Sign itself measures 3.5" W x 5" high; with twine hanger, comes to overall hanging height of approx. 10".  Each one done freehand, so there will be slight variations from ones shown here.  Limited supply.  Hint:  This is the kind of thing you want to pop in with your other order so that postage doesn't cost you an arm & a leg for something so small!
Order as SF Seed Packet  
$6.95 each + S/H
Bloom Where You're Planted freehand painted one-of-a-kind Tole with flowers sign by Janice Austin.  Copyrighted design. 
Every once in awhile my "Tole Gene" breaks loose and I have to do Something Completely Different.  I realize the saying isn't "new" but what it says never goes out of style.  Done spontaneously without any patterns, sign itself is definitely one of a kind!  This is really an exuberant feel-good wall hanging.  I think it reflects the fun I had doing it.    Measures 5-1/2" high x 7-1/2" long.  Jack chain hanger brings overall hanging height to 8".  Back and edges are painted flat green.  Sign's rich dark stain wood face is nicely satin varnished.  Has my label on back.
Order as Sign, Tole-Bloom
$18.50 + S/H

  Handpainted cedar wood and wire sign-Pansies.  Purple border.  Artwork and design ŠAustin Originals.  All rights reserved.This is another little wood & wire sign made on beautiful clear cedar discards from a spa manufacturer which I've laminated together, back to back, to form a "board.  The pansies are basically purples, one is wine colored, one has orange markings on top petals, another has white on bottom.  Quill pen detailing.  Signed on front.  Light satin finish.  Board measures 3" high x 9-3/4" long.  Hanging length ~7-3/4".  Soft blackish wire is easy to bend by hand and easy to cut with common household cutters, so you may adjust as desired.  
Order as Pansies sign - purple border
$16.95  + S/H

This is another sign made from salvaged cedar scraps.  (See Cedar wood & wire Pansies sign - white border.  Copyright Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.above or intro to Bird Lovers signs below).  Pansies are basically purple, with two having a wine tint.  One has white top markings, another orange top markings.  Lettering and border in buttermilk.  Some fine quill pen detailing.  Signed on front.  Satin finish.  Sign measures ~3" high x 9-7/8" long.  Hanging height ~7".  Soft blackish wire is easy to bend by hand and easy to cut with common household cutters, so you may adjust as desired.  Weighs 3+ oz.
Order as Pansies sign -Wh border
$16.95  + S/H

Some fun signs for Bird Lovers 
Some time ago, I had the good fortune of hitting the Mother Lode on throw-aways from production of a spa and hot tub manufacturer.  These were beautiful pieces of clear cedar with lovely coloring, beautiful wood graining, and a painting surface to die for!  Thousands of uses and projects danced through my head as I loaded them up and stored them carefully away.  Their only "drawback" was/is that they are cut like shingles (i.e., narrower at the bottom than the top).  At first I used the smaller ones back to back for wonderful weatherproof birdhouses.  But the  narrower ones just cried out to become something.  I think this "something" is these neat little signs.  I've glued them together with weatherproof glue to make a cedar plywood (in short, put them right back to their original state) ... and here are some of the results.  Hope you like the idea, too.  Recycling at its finest!  Signs are each individually handpainted to be "one of a kinds."  I've added quill pen detailing, too and each one is signed Austin Originals.   Please note: Although these are outdoor themed, they are designed for indoor use only!
15 Bluebird Way.  Handpainted clear cedar sign by artist Janice Austin.  Artwork and design ŠAustin Originals 2007.  All rights reserved.Design: "15 Bluebird Way"  Three happy bluebirds amongst the cherry  blossoms.  Gloss finish.

    Dimensions:  3½" x 11" x 11¾" overall hanging length
$16.95 + S/H
Handpainted cedar sign reads 25 Thrush Hollow, featuring 3 thrush in tree branches.  Artwork and design ŠAustin Originals 2007.  All rights reserved.Design: 25 Thrush Hollow.  Three fat thrush in the branches of a leafy tree.  Gloss finish.
    Dimensions: 3¼ x 11¾"x11½" overall hanging length
$16.95 + S/H
26 Robin Lane-Handpainted clear cedar sign by artist Janice Austin.  Artwork and design ŠAustin Originals 2007.  All rights reserved.Design: "26 Robin Lane"  Big Spring robin with a big fat juicy worm.  Satin finish.
    Dimensions: 3½" x 11" x 12½" overall hanging length
$16.95 + S/H
Bird Sanctuary.  Clear cedar handpainted sign by artist Janice Austin.  Artwork and design ŠAustin Originals 2007.  All rights reserved.Design:   Bird Sanctuary sign with 5 small birds, including 2 bluebirds, 3 sparrows or relatives thereof.  Gloss finish.  Sign is cut square on ends; distortion is simply camera angle.
    Dimensions:  3¼ x 11¾ x 12¼" overall hanging length.
Bird Sanctuary sign-sparrows, bluebirds+
$19.95 + S/H
102 Killdeer Place Šhandpainted cedar sign by artist Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  All rights reserved. 
Design:  102 Killdeer Place.  Satin finish.  
Dimensions:  3¼ x 10 x 11½" overall hanging length.
Click on image to see closeups.
102 Killdeer Place sign
$19.95 + S/H

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