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Bed & Breakfast Signs

Remember, these are all tongue-in-cheek "Bed and Breakfast" signs---just for fun.  If these aren't your cup o' tea,
please check back again.  I do these as ideas strike and time allows.

Sorry, folks, I don't do custom ones (see my FAQ's page for the "why" of it).  If you need something like that done, I'd like to suggest that you check with your local artists---They'd be glad of the work and it's so much easier on everyone to explain things face-to-face and make sure you both understand each other.  Also, expect that there will be a separate fee just for the design, so best that you have a good, basic idea before you approach the potential signmaker ( I would expect you'd probably pay at least double what these are priced at for custom signs. "Time is money" you know...and you're also supposed to be paying for the talent, as well as materials, etc.  And artists all have the same bills to pay that everyone else in the world has....

The Flying Pig Bed & Breakfast sign ©Austin Originals 2006.  All rights reserved.  
How's this for a fun sign?!  A large sign, it measures almost 12" across by 14-1/2" high by 1/2" thick. I selected a piece with lots of small knots and deep surface irregularities, to enhance the antique look.  Done entirely freehand, of course, so there'll not be another one just like it. (If you get up-close-and-personal, you can see the traces of penciling used in the designing layout process.)  Click on image to see enlargement.  Main lettering is in deep red, "Accommodations you've dreamed of!" in a hue of the background sky.  Below this, line (Pure Redneck) reads "You'll think you've died & gone to heaven."  Stars are light ochre.  Sides are painted same deep red as the main lettering.  I randomly sanded down the edges, too, for that shabby chic look.  Has gloss varnish finish.  Hangs from the back by screw eyes and wire.  A heavy sign, this weighs 1# 5 oz.  Allow 2# shipping wt.
Order as B & B sign - The Flying Pig #2    $39.95 + S/H
  Hog Heaven Inn sign #1 with teal trim.  Size 9 x 11.5 inches.; screw eyes/wired on back.  Gloss finish.  Signed and lbears austin Oriinals label.
  Accommodations to
                wallow in
  Feed trough is always full
Hang this in your kitchen and you're sure to put all your guests in a good humor from the minute they step in the door!  Done on a wonderful  piece of old plywood that aged in with just the right "character," this hand-cut sign measures 9" wide by 11-1/2" high.  Teal edging matches the teal outline on frontispiece.  Pig painting is signed.  Gloss finish.  Back unfinished [has some paint smears to add authenticity... by accident...] and has label adhered.  Screw eyes and wire hanger on back.  Wt. =  15 oz.   Shipping wt = 2 #         
Order as:  Hog Heaven sign #1
$32.50 + S/H *                                           
 Have you seen the Flying Pigs in the Bracelets page???
©The Red Fox Bed and Breakfast handpainted one-of-a-kind wood sign by Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.This distinctive "The Red Fox" Bed & Breakfast sign is done on a fairly clear piece of 3/8" plywood measuring 12" wide  by 14½" long.  It has  vertical striations, some fairly deep, and a few surface and edge defects, giving it a vintage look.  Guests are invited to "Den up amidst unspoiled Mother Nature."  Center bottom is replica of  forepaw print.  Sign's edges are done in deep green.  It has been finished in multiple layers of gloss varnish.  Signed ©Austin Originals on front.  Back has my label.  Wired on back for hanging  by screw eyes and wire so it's ready to hang as soon as it arrives.  Sign has a very pleasing fresh feel to it and definitely a one-of-a-kind!
Click image to see enlgment.

Order as B&B sign-Red Fox                                                                                                                
$39.95 + S/H
What every cat lover would like to see in their travels: "The Calico Cat Bed & Breakfast"!  Sign measures ~12" wide by 9½" high.  This is done on a thin (3/16") piece of birch.  I used the open-grained rough side and left the background unfinished to allow the wood grain to show through for a more vintage look.  Could be drilled to hang by screws or wire, as you choose, or mounted with doublesided tape applied to back.  For indoor use.
Handpainted signT he Calico Cat Bed and Breakfast.  ©2008 Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.

Click image to see enlgment.
Order as B & B sign - The Calico Cat
$26.95 + S/H

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