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Apple Theme signs
All designs copyright by artist Janice Austin DBA Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.  

Apple Theme signs  Below are some little fun signs I made while luxuriating in apple harvest.  Similar but different--I've shown each one available.  Unless otherwise stated, all have old baling wire bent wire hangers, are painted on backside and have my label adhered.  Anything distinctive about  the individual sign is noted in the description.  All are hand made from recycled wood.
Tole Apple Cider w&w (large).jpgThis is  a piece of wood with a lot of visible cross grain, irregularities, etc.  I used somewhat muted reds and blues in the Tole borders along with gold (which doesn't show up well in webcolor) and gave it a Pecan coloration with "age speckling.  Lettering is blue borders on creamy yellow-white.  Wood piece measures 11 3/4" x  3.5".  Twisted baling wire hanger gives an overall hanging height of 7.5".  Signed on front.  Semi-gloss finish.  Back is painted but rough, not varnished.  Has my label applied.
Shipping wt. = 8 oz.
Order as Lg Tole Apple Cider W&W sign
$19.95 + S/H

Small w&W sign:  Candy Apples 50 cents.jpgFor smaller and less formal  spaces, this nice fresh sign done in pine green with contrasting clear wood and deep red and off-white lettering lends a cheery touch that'll get your lips smacking at the thought.  Has a nice twisted baling wire hanger.  Sign measures ~10 1/4" long X 3.5" wide, with overall hanging height of 8 3/4".  Satin finish.  Backside also painted and has my Austin Originals label.  Shipping wt. = ~7 oz.

Order as Candy Apples W&W sign #1
$16.95 + S/H

Apple Cider W & W sign (apples border).jpgA cheery little sign in refreshing pine green, red, ochre with polka dots in blue border around clear wood grain and clever border of little Delicious apples along bottom.  Measures ~9" L x ~3" wide with overall hanging height of  ~7.5" with twisted baling wire hanger.  Satin finish.  Back clear wood, signed.  Also signed along front right. Shipping wt. 4.5 oz.
Order as Apple border W&W Cider sign #1
$16.95 + S/H

Big Joe's Apples cutout

Hand cut weathered plywood, measuring 9" wide by 8" high.  Brass chain hanger adds 4 3/4" to overall height.  A one-of-a-kind.  Signed.  Label on back.
Shipping wt. = 13.5 oz.
$28 + S/H
Order: Big Joe's ACO
Farmer Brown's Apples sign

A one-of-a-kind done on a hand cut piece of weathered plywood that gives it a distinctly antique look.  Measures
13 " high by 11" across with brass chain hanger adding approximately  6".  
Signed front  and labeled on unpainted back.
Shipping wt = approx. 15 oz.
$35 + S/H
Order: Farmer Brown's ACO
 Farmer Carl's Apples sign
Order Farmer Carl's ACO
$28 + S/H
Shipping wt. = 1 lb.
Hand cut from a piece of very rough 1/2" weathered plywood, this has a nice "antique" look to it.  Measures 10" wide by 13" long with brass chain hanger.  Back is sealed but not painted; very rough surfaced.  Label applied. Color is darker, more like those shown in the above photos.

Apple cutout-Freshly baked apple pie
For decorator touch in a smaller space, this rough textured hand cut plywood base sign "Fresh-baked Apple Pie" is just the touch. Gloss finish.  Signed on front.  Painted back, too.  Measures 6 1/2 wide by approx. 9" with bent baling wire hanger.  
Shipping wt. 6 oz.
Order ACO #01
$15 + S/H
Apple cutout-From our trees to your larder
Cut from a rough piece of 1/2" plywood.  Measures ~ 7" wide x 11-1/2" high, with brass chain.
Crisp & tangy

Shipping wt. 11 oz.
Order ACO #02     $18 + S/H
Apple cutout-crisp & tangy

Very antique-looking, being cut from rough 1/2" thick plywood with deep longitudinal striations.  Rusted bent baling wire hanger.  Small sign measures 6" wide x 9-1/4 high overall.
Shipping wt. 6-1/2 oz.
Order ACO #03     $15 + S/H
Apple cutout-u pick or picked
Hand cut from  weathered thick rough plywood that has nice striations and checking on front surface.  Upper left edge (backside) was cut through a knot, leaving irregularities seen only from the side.  Measures 7" wide and 11" over all with bent rusted baling wire hanger.  Deep satin finish.  Painted back with label applied.
 Shipping wt. = 11 oz.
Order ACO #06  
$18 + S/H
Apples cutout-organically grown-nice checkered surface
Wonderfully  distinctive "checkered" textured thick piece of hand cut plywood measures 7-1/4" wide by 11" high with brass chain hanger.  Multicolored lettering and border with fine detailing and rich gloss finish make this sign particularly enticing.  Unpainted back is sealed and labeled.
 Order ACO-#07  
$18.95 + S/H
Shipping wt. =  9 oz.
Candy apples nuts extra 14 inch w chain.  Design copyright by Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Another classy one-of-a-kind old-fashioned hand lettered sign done on nice piece of scrap oak measuring 3 5/8 high x 14-1/8" long.  Brass chain hanger on screw eyes at top, ends (not shown here) gives an overall hanging height of ~8-3/8" high.  Matte satin finish.   Signed on front; labeled on back.  Back not painted.  
Shipping wt. = ~10 1/2 oz
Order as Candy apples - Nuts Extra sign
$32.50 + S/H
Candy apples sign.  Design copyright by Austin Originals.  All rights reserved.
Classy one-of-a-kind old-fashioned hand lettered sign done on nice piece of scrap oak measuring 3 3/4 high x 16 3/8 long. Chain hanger on screw eyes at top, ends (not shown here) adds 6". Matte satin finish. Signed on front; labeled on back.  Wt. = 10 1/2 oz  
Allow 1# shipping wt.  
$35 + S/H
Order: Candy Apples sign #1