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About Us
The "Us" in the "About Us" is one person and I wear all the hats --- artist, go-fer, bookkeeper, packaging and mailing plus keeping up house and home, garden and fields.  (I really don't know why the days seem so short! )  That would be me depicted in my logo on my Home Page, accompanied by the horses, cats, dogs, whatever else happened along.  Describes my life perfectly...

After spending half my working life in a profession that I dearly loved but which allowed no room for error or "coloring outside the lines" but mostly no free time I could call my own,  my bottled-up creative urges simply couldn't stand it any more.  Under the now socially acceptable malady of Mid-life Crisis (which would previously simply have been labeled as "She's Lost Her Mind"...which may still be true enough but it's not Politically Correct to say it aloud...),  I embarked on a different course.

I  have no Great Aspirations to be The Next Big Whatever   For me, the fun and pleasure is in the creating,  but that's only half of it.  What "good" is it if no one else can enjoy it?   

As any creative person knows, the key to keeping creativity flowing is to keep the creative process going.   I have more ideas than storage space......  The purpose of selling "in cyberspace" rather than dragging things from show to show is to allow time for creativity.  (Putting this site together was more work than if I had just sat myself down and redone everything in it!  Whew!)  So, of necessity, I sorted and "pulled" some items before they ever got on, just to prevent total chaos.  Let's just say you'll find a sampling  of some of my creations here.  

Everything you see here are my original designs and/or done by my hand.  Any herbs and florals are homegrown (organically, of course!)  Any basic supplies are made in America (as far as I could determine) and "environmentally friendly" (with the exception of a few fine art items bearing special varnishes).

white kitten batting butteerflyI  work from my home and do not take business calls. (Isn't that why e-mail was created?)  As anybody knows, a person can't get anything done if you're constantly being interrupted.  I think that's particularly so when you have to drag yourself out of your Right Brain Only mode (artwork),  fuss around in The Real World, and then try to get back to where you were, and be productive, to boot....

However--- I also wore all the hats in my professional business of seventeen years, as well as participating in crafters' malls, craft shows, and a mail-order business selling my miniatures.  With spectacularly poor timing, I opened a craft shop two weeks before "The Gulf War"...that was a short-lived venture!  So, as you can see, doing the "business part" of things is familiar territory.   I come from a generation, now getting a little long in the tooth,  that considered honesty and integrity commendable (even expected!) character traits, not foolish flaws, and that "programming" has never worn off.  I have lived at the same place almost 44 years and have a sterling reputation, business-wise and personally.  

I hope this answers any questions you might have had and will bolster your confidence about ordering.  Remember, it's a two-way street...   We hear all kinds of stories these days about cheating and fraud, but my personal experience has been that people who buy the sorts of things that I make have a real appreciation for the time and talent that goes into the work and most wouldn't dream of taking advantage of the artist that way.  

For those of you wondering about the site name:   I don't live in Austin; that's my name.  The "Originals" comes from the fact that everything I do is, or is based on, my original designs and ideas.  Since it all won't fit in a neat category, "Austin Originals" seemed as "descriptive" as I was going to get (though not very descriptive nor very original....)
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