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This is the home of my original design handcrafted items created with fellow animal lovers in mind.  It started out to be focused mainly on cats and horses but that soon that became "too confining" and so it's morphed from that into Other Things--mostly whimsical handpainted signsCopyrighted logo for Austin Originals,, and Janice Austin DBA same.  All rights reserved. for indoors and out for folks with a "Down Home" sense of humor - kitchen, bath, garden, Welcome, Bed & Breakfast, and just for fun plus beautiful paintings on eggs, fun wooden bracelets, and occasionally other pieces.  No "same old-same old" here!   With a few exceptions, my "canvas" is wood and my "mediums" are paint, color and a sense of humor ('tho I had to throw in some "serious stuff" just so you'd know I was a "proper" artist.) Most are one-of-a-kinds and limited editions.  Lots of weathered wood!  (Recycling at it's best!)  A  lot of things border on being gag gifts.  Nothing fits neatly into a "category" ~ although I tried!  *(See my "About Us page.)   Over all, my styles lean towards nostalgic old-timey Shabby Chic, antique look and/or rustic, some Country (depending on your definition of that) with a little bit of "in between."   Themes include (amongst others and at various times) cats, horses, other "critters" including Carousel horses, turtles, flying pigs, cows, chickens, goats, rabbits and other wildlife; old-time bath signs, powder room signs, old-fashioned pointing hand signs, watermelons, apples, strawberries, florals and cottages...and an occasional holiday's associated crafts thrown in!  

            Most items range from $16.95-$39.95, for general gift giving (which can include to yourself, you know), although there are and other goodies less than this plus tons of $2 buttons and whimsical cat keyrings. (You have to  hunt around a bit... )  There are also quite a few heirloom quality pricier items.

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